Dad And Son Caught Killing Black Bear And Her Two Newborn Cubs

A father and son were caught on video killing a black bear and her cubs in Alaska, according to police. The two skied to a remote bear den on an Alaska island, laid waste to a mother bear in front of her two cubs before turning the rifle on them in a display of reckless savagery, authorities said on Wednesday (August 8).

The men claim they didn’t know the black bears were part of an observation programme nor did they know the slaughter was caught on video by a camera outside the den.

Bear and Cub Killed

Andrew Renner, 41, and son Owen Renner, 18, have since been charged with multiple counts, including the illegal killing of a bear and both cubs. It’s illegal to kill black bear cubs or sows with cubs in most of Alaska, according to state law.

The camera that captured the shocking video was placed on Esther Island in Prince William Sound as part of a bear study by the US Forest Service and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Father And Son Kill Bears

These two need to serious time in jail, not only be fined…

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