Holy Crap, This Motorcyclist Got Unbelievably Lucky

This guy in India was literally inches from being buried by a rock slide.



Video shows the remarkable moment a motorcyclist in India avoided a landslide by a matter of inches.

The dramatic footage, which was captured on Friday in Bilaspur District, Himachal Pradesh, shows traffic stopped on a mountain road with debris from an earlier landslide strewn across the tarmac. Drivers are wisely waiting to see.


Holy Crap, This Motorcyclist Got Unbelievably Lucky


One motorcyclist, however, decides to brave it and just as he crosses the debris from the earlier landslide, a huge mass of rock and mud falls onto the road, inches from his back wheel.

Fortunately, He was unhurt in the incident.


motorcyclist avoids landslide by inches


Although he has was lucky on that day, I bet he won’t be so brave the next time and think twice before passing a road that had landslide just earlier.

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