Boy sets his hair on fire while taking a bite out of his birthday cake

This is the horrifying moment a young boy’s hair catches fire as he takes a bite out of his birthday cake. Dramatic scenes show the eager youngster diving straight into his celebration treat before he’s even had chance to blow out the candle.





The footage was reportedly recorded at the child’s family home in Chile during his birthday party. In the video, the boy can be seen sat in front of a birthday cake covered in whipped cream and strawberries. A lit candle adorns the top of the sweet treat when the child decides to take a large bite. The youngster goes to take a huge chunk out of the cake but as he leans forward the front of his hair is set on fire by the lit candle.



A blood-curdling scream can immediately be heard from the family members that surround the boy as his hair ignites. His relatives instantly reach towards his ebony locks and start to pat his head to put the flames out. A woman, reportedly the boy’s mother, then embraces his head and gives it a kiss as he appears to start crying.



One male onlooker jokes: ‘Hey Michael Jackson, you forgot to blow the candle out!’ The video, posted online, has been viewed more than 7.1 million times and 23,000 comments have been left on the shared clip.



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