Hilarious Dad Holds Go-Pro Wrong Way Round For Entire Holiday

Figuring out the new and innovative technology in this ever-changing world can be daunting. For those who grew up in an age before smartphones, the internet, and social media, using such devices can be quite scary.

So you have to feel a bit sorry for this poor man who hilariously recorded the wrong footage, using his son’s GoPro, during his entire holiday in the Netherlands.

You know how it is with the older generation and technology, you can teach them as much as you want about it but they’ll still find some way to completely fudge it up. I suppose it’s the penance you pay for all those years they spent cleaning the dribble off your mouth.

Dad Holds GoPro The Wrong Way

As you can see from the near-seven-minute video, Mark’s Dad, Howard, had every intention of documenting he and his wife’s (Jean) trip to Amsterdam, the home of tandem bikes, total football, the Red Light District and legal narcotics (you know what I’m talking about). But instead of capturing all the beautiful sites and locations Amsterdam has to offer, Howard ended up filming things the wrong way around. D’oh!

Entire Holiday In Reverse

Maybe that’s why you should never leave seniors alone with confusing technology, a lesson Mark Newman will have learned after he lent his old man his GoPro.

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