Poachers Shamelessly Steal Helpless Sea Turtles From Protected Beach

You’ll rarely despair of the human race as much as you will when watching some poachers capture a helpless sea turtle for its eggs. Seriously, we’re warning you – if your faith in humanity isn’t already at an all-time low, it will be after watching this.

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The footage shows poachers wading into protected waters at La Flor Beach Natural Reserve in San Juan del Sur, a town on Nicaragua’s southwest coast, to capture sea turtles for their eggs. An estimated 150,000 olive ridley sea turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea), are one of five species of turtle who arrive in the area every year to nest and spawn.

Poachers Steal Sea Turtle

Thankfully, there is a little bit of good news to come out of this. Paso Pacifico reported the incident to local authorities and army personnel were sent to the beach to disperse the crowds, even though the nesting process had almost finished by that point.

However, local media report that four people were arrested after police identified suspected poachers after the video footage was released on social media.

Man Arrested After Video Went Viral

It’s unknown what happened to the turtles the poachers stole, but hopefully, they weren’t harmed and have been found and released back into the wild.

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