Motorcyclist Sent Flying By Horrific SUV Crash Narrowly Escapes Serious Injury

We all know that riding a motorbike can be dangerous. While a coterie of motorcyclists will defend their favorite pastime, as this shocking footage shows, the potential for catastrophic accidents is huge – quite independently of how good you are at riding your bike.

The footage was shot in California in February and, thankfully, the rider has since recovered.

The rider is just riding along when something horrendous, that is not his fault and unavoidable, occurs and causes him to crash, break his back, destroy his shoulder and spend five months in a brace.

Rider Escapes Serious Injury

So, to reiterate, riding a motorbike can be really dangerous. I mean, isn’t the leather biker gear basically just a reinforced bag that keeps all your internal organs from being scattered across the road in the event of a collision?

Motorcycle Slams Into SUV

That was close.

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