Angry ostrich knocks over zoo worker and repeatedly KICKS him before lunging at a watching zebra

This is the horrifying moment an an angry ostrich floored and attacked a zoo worker in Russia. Visitors to Penza city zoo watched the disturbed scenes as the ostrich repeatedly kicked the man with its long sharp claws.





There were screams from onlookers as the giant bird went berserk, toppling the man, who used his feet to try and fight off the ostrich. After losing interest in him, the bird lunged towards a watching zebra, who quickly flees. The unnamed man picked up his hat from the ground and left the enclosure. He had been trying to feed the ostriches when he was suddenly attacked. First reports said the zoo worker had broken several ribs but the zoo claimed he was ‘unhurt’ from his ordeal and did not require hospital treatment.



Ostriches are capable of killing lions as well as humans with their sharp claws on each two-toed foot. The attack was highlighted on mainstream and online television in Russia by Ren TV Telegram channel 112. A witness told Ren TV: ‘The bird was throwing him here and there for a while.’ The reports claimed the male ostrich mistook the man for a rival during its mating season.



Another version was the man had poked the bird with a mop handle infuriating the bird. Zoo rules say that the man should have been accompanied by another worker when feeding the ostriches. Local news outlet Progorod58 said that the unnamed worker was today back at work.



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