Hilarious Video Of Naked Man Hugging His Vehicle While Inside Of A Drive-through Car Wash Goes Viral

A driver has gotten more than he bargained for after finding a naked man at his local car wash. Footage shot from inside the car shows a man wearing absolutely nothing hugging the front of his car as it’s getting washed.

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The cheeky footage was captured by a local, who’s husband spotted the man’s backside as they were passing by. In the video, the man in the car wash can be heard yelping as he is scrubbed by the rotating brushes.

Naked Man Takes Bath Car Wash

Ms. Harris and her husband cruise past the car wash, with Ms. Harris said: ‘What are you up to bro, you’re on crack.’

After the video went viral, she wondered whether the man was acting on a dare.

Casual Car Wash Bath

Well, if it gets you squeaky clean…

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