Girl Grabs Dad’s Phone And Throws It Into The Sea After He Keeps Talking On It

I’m sure we all remember the desire to have our parents’ recognition when we were younger. We might wail ‘mum’ or ‘dad’, or simply tug on their clothes until they showered us with their undivided attention.

One little girl had a different strategy to get her dad to notice her.

Russian rapper Timati seemed to be living a stress-free life shortly before this video was taken. He was relaxing on a yacht in Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera, engaged in a phone call while he lay on a sun lounger.

Then his four-year-old daughter decided that she needed her father’s attention, and his phone was the one thing standing in her way. The feisty little girl tried to speak to her dad, and Timati gave her a short response, probably telling her to be quiet while he was on the phone.

Dad Ignoring Daughter

He went back to his phone call, but four-year-old Alisa didn’t give up that easily. She tried again to speak to the rapper, and when he lowered his phone to answer her, she knew exactly what she had to do.

Alisa grabbed her dad’s phone and threw it into the water, before turning back with a grin to find her dad giving her a look of shock and confusion.

Girl Throws Phone Overboard

I’d probably feel sorrier for the father if he wasn’t on a yacht when the incident occurred. I think he can probably afford a new phone.

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