Man Casually Eats Raw Steak Dripping With Blood Outside Vegan Festival

This is the moment a provocative carnivore made his point by casually eating a raw steak outside a Vegan Food Festival in Amsterdam.



The pony-tailed man, wearing a black vest bearing the slogan: “Go vegan and die,” was questioned by cops after disgusted vegans complained about his protest.

They said that there was blood ‘literally dripping off the piece of meat’ as vegans queued up to enter the Vegan Food Festival in the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam.




Footage filmed by an eyewitness shows the guy continuing to casually chew his way through the raw steak as shocked vegans complain to a police officer.

There are some people that will do literally anything to piss people off and he’s definitely one of those.




The man, who did not reveal his name or what he hoped to achieve, left the site after about an hour.

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