Race Against Time: Body-cam Video Shows Daring Mission To Save Shelter Animals From California Wildfire

Police rescued 60 animals from an animal shelter in California, that was in the path of a wildfire in a daring mission captured by the officers’ body cameras.

The Vacaville Police Department rescued 60 cats and dogs on August 11 from an animal shelter threatened by the Nelson Fire in Solano, Calif. The daring mission captured by the officers’ body cameras showed them racing to evacuate the animals.

“As the Nelson Fire raced towards the south end of town, it looked like the Solano SPCA would be the first to be hit by the flames,” read the video caption on the police department’s Facebook page. “Our officers worked with Humane Animal Services, SPCA staff and volunteers to evacuate all they could in a race against the clock.”

Rush Rescue During California Wildfire

The rescue footage showed officers, staff and volunteers rushing to usher cats into cages and securing leashes around the necks of dogs, as smoke from the wildfire rose in the background.

Rescuers Manage To Save 60 Animasl

God Bless those that serve his creatures in need.

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