Hero Cop Saves Domestic Violence Victim From Being Stabbed By Abusive Boyfriend

A hero police officer saved the life of a domestic violence victim outside a Las Vegas apartment complex where the woman was viciously stabbed by her boyfriend. The Metropolitan Police Department responded to a call about a stabbing from a female neighbor who witnessed the horrific incident at The Virginia Apartments located on 5350 East Tropicana Avenue last Wednesday night.

Frantic 911 audio obtained by DailyMail.com hears the neighbor as she explained how the attack by 30-year-old William Fuller went down. The neighbor told the dispatcher: ‘He’s cutting her! He’s cutting her! He’s stabbing her! You need to get here.’

Body cam shows Sgt. Daniella Cino at the time she arrived to the scene moments later. Fuller stood over his unidentified girlfriend’s body, sporting a white T-shirt splattered in her blood

Cop Shoots Suspect Fatally

The officer then told the man a to drop the knife – which he did not comply to. Fuller, still holding the eight-inch butcher knife in hand, stood up and walked slowly toward Cino before he charged after her.

That’s when the officer fired two gunshots at him using a glock 17 9mm handgun

Cop Approaches Stab Suspect

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