Farmer Finds A Rat With A PLANT Growing Out Of Its Back After ‘Seed Fell Into An Open Wound’

This shocking footage shows a live rat with a sapling soya plant growing through it’s body. A rat was found trapped after a soybean plant started growing through its neck in a strange manner at an agricultural field in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Experts are baffled by the freak occurrence, but have speculated that a soya bean seed could have fallen into an open wound and germinated. Farmer Datar Singh had planted a soya bean crop in the Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh, India, earlier this year.

Plant Growing Out Of Wild Rat

He was astonished to find a rat with a soya bean sapling growing from it’s back when he inspected the crop on August 7. Neighbours filmed the rat, which was said to be in ‘immense pain’, and Mr Singh removed the sapling after taking the rodent home.

They couldn’t believe what they were seeing in the astonishing video and tried to turn the rat over by its tail to examine it. Confused voices and the sound of pictures being snapped can be heard in the video taken by one of the neighbours who rushed to see the remarkable rat.

Rat Amazingly Alive

Professor A Siddiqui, head of the department of biology at a college in nearby Barnagar, said: ‘It’s a miracle.

‘Though the plant had grown in the region near the neck, there was no brain damage.’

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