2-year-old Indonesian Boy Smokes 2 Packs A Day, Mom Says Addiction Started With Him Picking Butts Off The Floor

Indonesia may have its next infamous child smoker after the disturbing story of a 2-year-old boy from Sukabumi, West Java, recently went viral due to his extremely dangerous addiction.

The boy, identified by his initials RAP, has reportedly been addicted to smoking cigarettes for about a month and a half, burning through up to two packs a day. According to his mother, identified as Maryati, he picked up his horrible habit after he started becoming intrigued by cigarettes and picking their discarded butts off the floor.

Maryati added that she and her husband, Misbahudin, found it difficult to say no to RAP’s nicotine cravings as the boy would throw a tantrum until he’s given a cigarette. She said that he also needs to have a puff before he can go to sleep.

Kid Smokes 2 Packs A Day

Misbahudin, who himself is an occasional smoker, said he was surprised that his son could puff like a seasoned smoker, and that the boy would even bum cigarettes from other adults if his parents wouldn’t feed his habit.

Smoking Toddler

There have been no reports of possible government intervention in RAP’s rehabilitation nor his parent’s possible prosecution for criminal negligence or child endangerment.

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