Watch This Video As Lifeguarding Hero Saves Kid In A Split Second

Being a lifeguard seems like a great job: you get to sit in the sun all day, take occasional dips in the pool and be confident that nothing is actually going to happen.

99.99 percent of the time, if not more, absolutely nothing does happen. It is, of course, the 00.01 percent of the time that you are there for, so you better be ready if and when something needs to be done because the high likelihood is that it’ll need to be done quickly.

Well, that’s exactly what this lifeguard did do – and in frankly amazing circumstances – as the video above shows.

Lifeguad Spots Kid In Danger

While the rescue itself is fair regulation – he dives into the pool and gets the kid in distress out – it is the unbelievable spot that deserves the commendation.

Even with the benefit of repeat viewings, it is pretty difficult to spot just what is going on in the pool. It just looks like a normal day at the office, with children frolicking and parents playing along.

Life Guard Springs To Action

The lifeguard, however, sees something different. On the left-hand edge of the screen, a kid has gotten himself into distress and is barely managing to keep his head above water, vainly attempting to wave to draw attention to himself.

Lifeguard Saves Kid

It’s imperceptible, but the lifeguard spots it, blows his whistle and flings himself into the water with the floatation device, rescuing the kid and saving the day.

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