Absolute Idiot Spanks a Hippo for a Laugh

Man, against better judgment and common sense, slaps a hippo’s butt. Why would you do this? Police have opened a criminal .

investigation over this incident at the Los Angeles Zoo.



The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating after video surfaced showing a man jumping an enclosure at the Los Angeles Zoo and spanking one of the hippos.


Absolute Idiot Spanks a Hippo for a Laugh


The video, posted to social media on Aug. 8, shows an unidentified man approach the enclosure, climb over the fence, and approach the zoo’s two hippos, Rosie and her mother, Mara.

He then smacks Rosie on the rear, prompting a startled reaction from Mara as she lifts her head. The man runs off and raises his arms in a gesture of victory as onlookers can be heard laughing.


Police look into video of man spanking hippo at LA Zoo


LAPD says that they are investigating the video. It is against the law in California to enter a zoo enclosure, and doing so can lead to a misdemeanour charge.

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