Don’t mess with this shots girl! Woman stops pouring whisky down man’s throat to attack woman who slapped her posterior

This is the shocking moment a barmaid attacked a woman who appears to be her colleague for slapping her posterior in a crowded bar. The video shows the spectator, wearing a fanny pack and red t-shirt, enter the bar and interrupt the shot-pouring barmaid mid-routine during a tradition involving cinnamon whisky being poured down a punter’s throat.



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Footage of the altercation, which took place in Spirits on Bourbon in New Orleans, was posted to Twitter last week and has since gathered nearly 10 million views. During the video, the barmaid in red latex trousers, a red T-shirt and sunglasses is pouring alcohol into the male recipient’s mouth when the other woman approaches her.

Woman stops pouring whisky down man's throat



As the woman slaps her behind the furious barmaid turns around and strikes her across the face three times while shouting: ‘Don’t touch me!’ The punched woman, who looks at the barmaid in a state of shock, is then ushered out of the bar by the bouncer who intervenes and the waitress returns to the man in the chair for her routine.

Woman stops pouring whisky down man's throat to attack woman who slapped her posterior


The strange tradition at the american bar involves a routine whereby a customer is slapped intermittently in a revolving barber chair while liquor is poured in their mouth and breasts are rubbed in their face. The man in the chair, believed to Tyler Gamble, looks on at the assault from his chair.



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