The incredible moment a newborn baby is pulled from a drain

A newborn boy left abandoned in a storm drain with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck has been found alive. In the shocking video, Geeta, 45, from Chennai, can be seen reaching into the underground drain and pulling the crying baby out by his feet before cleaning him with a bowl of water. Heart-wrenching images of the baby who survived the odds were recorded by an onlooker in the municipality of Valasaravakkam, Chennai District, in southern India’s Tamil Nadu State.



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Local media report that Geeta had been alerted to the baby’s presence by a milkman who thought the newborn was a crying kitten. The infant was reportedly rushed to the local Egmore Hospital where doctors found he was having trouble breathing. Doctors managed to treat the baby and have now said he has recovered from the incident and is healthy.

The incredible moment a newborn baby


Geeta, who lives with her daughter, has said she wants to name the boy Suthanthiram (freedom), as he was found on India’s Independence Day. She told local media: ‘I reacted immediately, it was spontaneous. ‘As a dozen or so residents and bystanders looked on, I peeped through the drain, an iron pipe around one foot in diameter, and saw the child inside. ‘It was painful to see a child dumped like that. ‘It appeared that the person who abandoned the boy had deliberately pushed him deep enough inside the drain so he would be out of sight. ‘I don’t think there was any feeling for the child, because the umbilical cord seemed to be tied around the neck so it would slowly kill him.’

The incredible moment a newborn baby is pulled from a drain


A hospital official said the baby will remain under observation before being transferred to a local orphanage. Local media report that the hospital has received dozens of requests asking to adopt the baby after the video of his rescue was posted online. Police are investigating the incident and no arrests have been made.



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