Don’t look down! Skateboarder performs tricks and jumps on ledge at the top of a 200ft dam

A skateboarder looking for thrills performed a daredevil jump just inches from the edge of a 200 foot high dam. Dicing with death, he landed an ‘ollie’ onto the narrow top of Calabasas dam.





The footage, filmed in Los Angeles, California, shows Andrew Fiene, 25, skating dangerously close the edge of the concrete structure performing the skate trick known as the ‘ollie’. Andrew, who has been skateboarding and cliff jumping for 10 years, said: ‘I was stoked and amazed to complete the experience.



‘The experience skating the dam felt crazy being up that high in the air. ‘I wasn’t scared to do it though I’ve been skating for over ten years so I am pretty comfortable with an ollie.’ He christened the nerve-wracking trick the ‘dam ollie’.



One social media user commented: ‘He was really putting his life on the line.’ Another quipped: ‘I don’t think I would stand upon that ledge without a harness.’



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