‘Nervous’ Cop Accuses Black Man Of Carrying Drugs And Weapons In Routine Traffic Stop

Members of an Iowa nonprofit organization are accusing two Des Moines police officers of racially profiling for a July traffic stop and the local activist group says its a symptom of a bigger problem in the department.

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement released dash camera and body camera video showing officers Kyle Thies and Natalie Heinemann pulling over Montray Little, 23, and Jared Clinton, 21, despite video showing no obvious traffic violations. Little and his passenger, Jared Clinton, are accused of having drugs in the car and acting like they have a weapon as well.

Officer Accuses Black Man Of Drugs

Little is handcuffed and Clinton is taken out of the car while they and the vehicle are searched. No drugs or weapons were found. Police did find an open bottle of alcohol which they had the men dump out.

Officer Racial Profiling

According to records obtained by Iowa CCI, Officer Thies booked suspects on 282 charges into the Polk County Jail in 2017. All of them were African-Americans. The Des Moines Police Department is disputing those figures.

Man Falsesly Arrested

He thought his passenger had a gun just by the way he looks? That sounds so illogical for being someone that supposed to protect.

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