Knife-Wielding Dog Pays House Guest A Terrifying Visit

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Logan Bray, a brown Australian Shepherd is seen crawling onto a bed with a kitchen knife clenched in its jaw. The scene is made even scarier by the dog’s red eyes, which are coloured by the flash of the camera.

It’s definitely not something that you would want to wake up to in the middle of the night, but there is a simple explanation: the dog had grabbed one of the knives that had been left out on the kitchen counter after the family made steak for supper. If anything, he wanted to return the knife to the nearest grown-up so that it could be put away safely.

The sight, potentially dangerous as it may be, was so unexpected that the woman whose bed the dog walked onto could do nothing but laugh.

Knife Wielding DOg

Amidst chuckles, she tells the dog “No!” and tries to get the knife out of its mouth. The end of the video shows the woman managing to grab a hold of the knife.

All is well that ends well. But this is a reminder to keep all knives and sharp kitchen utensils well out of animals’ reach to avoid disaster.

Dog Pays Houseguest A Visit

Good boi.

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