Waves Of Plastic Rubbish Thrash On To Shore Of Philippine Bay

The rubbish you throw away will eventually come back to you. This statement turned out to be a gruesome reality for a group of waste fighters in Manila Bay, the Philippines when a storm quite literally whipped trash into their faces as they attempted to clean up the shore.

A video has emerged online showing the cleaners attempting to clear the fallout of heavy floods and heaps of garbage, which reached the stretch of Roxas Boulevard after a tropical depression and Typhoon Karding enhanced the southwest monsoon.

Oceans Worth Of Trash

Waves of plastic, rubber, styrofoam, and deadwood can be seen crashing to the shore and spilling over onto the bay, as a group of brave workers cracks on with their job while dodging the rubbish as it’s flung towards them.

The workers and the crowd cheering behind them appear to be in good spirits, despite the fact that this video represents a depressing reality.

Huge Wave Of Trash

It’s way more fun in the Philippines.

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