Man Awkwardly Argues In Favor Of Legalized ‘Happy Endings’ At Council Meeting

For some, that might be jumping out of a plane, for others, it might be forcing themselves to run a marathon, or standing on a tall building, or getting in a lift or simply going out to meet new people.

It could even be speaking in front of a crowd, a common fear that many people have. If the thing that gets you up in front of the microphone is a heartfelt desire to see legal handjobs, then so be it. That’s what one man in Kansas has done.

A video of a bloke making a defense of legalized prostitution, via handjobs in massage parlors, to his local city commission has gone viral.

Man Argues The Legalization Of Handjobs

The man, one Chris Flowers of Lawrence, Kansas, spoke to his City Commission and subsequently, the video has made its way around the internet, even ending up being discussed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the late-night TV host called it ‘may be the best local city council meeting speech ever’.

Flowers compares the legalization of handjobs to the legalization of weed in Colorado – a state that neighbors Kansas – and ruminates on the role of government in American life vis-a-vis state control and freedom.

The Council Listens

“That would truly be a happy ending for everyone” concludes Chris.

Now I don’t have any particular opinion on this debate in either direction, nor do I have any wish to campaign on the issue, but for a pun as good as that, I would stand up in front of a crowd of fellow citizens and argue for just about anything.

Happy Ending

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