Irish Man Desperately Struggles To Say “There’s No Need For Me To Be Here Today”

There’s something inexplicably funny about a fully capable adult really struggling to say something like a child who’s learning to speak for the first time.

Here, an unnamed man struggles to say “there’s no need for me to be here today” more than a man has ever struggled to say something before

Everyone is tripped up by tongue twisters now and then, but it’s hard to see how anyone could struggle with this one. This hilarious video shows a Mullingar man’s attempts to say the sentence “There’s no need for me to be here today”.

Irish Man Strugges TO Speak

It’s impossible not to laugh along as he fails again and again to master the easy phrase.

“How could I ever have a job?” he asks, getting more and more frustrated as his wife cracks up behind the camera.

Irish Man Cannot Say It

The poor man still hasn’t managed to say it by the end of the video. Maybe one day.

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