Emergency Services Are Dealing With An ‘epidemic’ Of Psychotic Patients Hooked On Monkey Dust

Emergency services have told Sky News they are dealing with a city-wide “epidemic” of violent psychotic patients hooked on a synthetic drug known as monkey dust.

While cities around the UK deal with former legal highs such as spice, black mamba and other drugs – increasing numbers of users in and around Stoke have become hooked on “dust” that they can pick up for as little as £2.

Rescue Workers Are Struggling

Exclusive footage from police body-worn cameras in the city shows a user jumping from the roof of a building and then immediately leaping to his feet and grappling with police officers.

Monkey Dust Epidemic

In another video, a man who had a bone protruding from a serious arm wound carries on fighting paramedics – the patient seemingly unable to feel any pain.

Also referred to as MDPV, monkey dust stops users from feeling pain, leads to hallucinations and causes severe paranoia. Users commonly believe they are being chased and often try to climb buildings, lampposts or lash out at anyone around them.

People Getting High On Monkey Dust

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