Tarantula Shedding Its Skin Is Mesmerizing And Terrifying At The Same Time

If you count yourself as a bit of an arachnophobe, I suggest you look away now because shit is about to get creepy.

This skin-crawling video shows the molting process of a Mexican Red Knee Tarantula. And if that’s not disturbing enough – the two-hour process has been condensed using time-lapse so the whole thing takes about 25 seconds and, quite frankly, it’s disgusting.

In the video, the tiny beast starts to compulsively shake until all of a sudden, his bloody head pops open.

Tarantula Molting

He carries on shaking his fuzzy little body until eventually, the spider falls onto his side.

The next thing you know, he gives it a good shimmy-shimmy out of his old skin, giving his eight long legs a good old shake as he fully emerges anew. We actually think he might be having a little dance.

Creepy Footage Of Molting Tarantula

Are you creeped out yet? Well, try not to be because apparently, this traumatizing process is completely normal.

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