Epic Fail: Reliant Robin Car With A Gyrocopter For Flying, The Result Will Shock You

Reliant Robin is quite an icon in the motoring world. While some proud owners enjoy a small community of Robins, there are those who find it comical. Well, a car that only has one wheel at the front and is ridiculously prone to toppling over on every curve on the road, you can’t blame the ones who chuckle at the sight of a Robin.

So, someone decided to fit a Reliant Robin with a gyrocopter, which is a giant powerful fan that propels a helicopter. They then towed the Robin to a certain speed to give it enough momentum so it can lift off from the ground. And it really did.

For a moment there, it was a proud moment for Reliant Robin aficionados as the car was off the ground with the true chopper sound that came from the gyrocopter. But the situation ends quite in a disaster when it lands because the kitty didn’t land on its feet.

Man Attempts To Fly 3 Wheeled Car

It first nose-dived and then hit its side on the road, and then the front again before dragging on its side again. This was perhaps the cameraperson’s queue to stop filming.

We’re glad there are people out there who don’t shy away from experimenting with different ideas. After all, the Wright Brothers must’ve suffered several of such fails before hitting eureka.

Reliant Robin Turned To Gyro Copter

When simpletons try to be engineers.

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