Moment womans car is pulled out of 20ft deep sinkhole in Swansea

This is the shocking moment a woman’s car parked on the grounds of a castle was swallowed by a sinkhole. Karen Davies, 54, found her Fiat had disappeared bonnet first when she finished her shift working as a castle assistant.





Her son Luke, 30, said his mother parked in her usual spot but was later told by colleagues about the sinkhole shock. Luke, of Coelbren, Powys, said workers tried to tow the car out but the sinkhole at the Craig Y Nos Castle, near Swansea, South Wales, was 20ft deep. He said: ‘She was in shock and at first she thought it was a joke. The car was upside down. A customer was in the car park when it started sinking they saw it happen and how it gradually went down.



‘They spoke to a member of staff but by the time my mum found out the car had sunk completely.’ Revealing just how deep the sinkhole went, he added: ‘The pictures don’t do justice to how deep it was I didn’t realise how bad it was until I saw it. ‘We had to wait for recovery for a couple of hours and then they were concerned about causing more damage to the car while towing it out. ‘We did consider getting a crane but we couldn’t get one.’ He said rescuers then attached tow ropes to a truck and a Range Rover at the same time to pull the car out properly.



But Luke said the car was battered by the fall and they are waiting to hear the full extent of the damage. He said: ‘We could see that both doors were dented and the rear door on the driver side could not be opened. ‘The panel around the windscreen, where the car was resting on, was also damaged. We don’t know if it is repairable yet or whether it is a write-off. Luke said he did not know what caused the sinkhole, but he believes it could have stemmed from a nearby stream eroding the ground under the car park.



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