London cab driver caught trimming his leg hair while stuck in traffic

A black cab driver was caught on camera trimming his leg hair with a pair of scissors while waiting at a taxi rank. In the clip, filmed in Knightsbridge, west London, the unnamed man can be using a pair of black scissors to trim his fuzzy limbs.



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The man can be seen grooming himself with his knee resting against the driver’s door with the window fully open. Seemingly oblivious to the fact he is being filmed, the cabbie happily snips away in the front seat. The vile video was posted in a Facebook group dedicated to the weird and wonderful happenings on the streets of the capital.



The footage has divided opinion in the group, with some arguing the driver has every right to trim his leg hair as long as it doesn’t happen in the passenger seat. One individual wrote: ‘I don’t personally see the problem.’ Another added: ‘I mean if it’s his cab I don’t see an issue.’



One Facebook user said: ‘He’s in his own cab, it’s separate from where is passenger seat what is the problem. ‘Yes, it’s a bit gross, but at least he’s not doing his personal grooming on public transport like many women do on a daily basis, no one posted that they are disgusting although a lot of the time they are. Leave the gross cabbie alone.’



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