Shocking moment man on stolen motorbike slides under oncoming car

This is the heart-stopping moment a pair of motorcycle thieves without helmets fly off their bike after taking the corner too fast. Nathan Rose, 21, was driving along Battleship Wharf in Blyth, Northumberland, when he lost control of the £1,200 stolen bike and slid under the wheels of a car. He was seriously injured, suffering a bleed on the brain and a fractured pelvis. His passenger sustained a leg injury.





The shocking clip, which shows his near-death mistake, was filmed on the dashcam of a Honda Civic. Sentencing Rose, a judge said he is likely to suffer medical problems as a result of his ‘staggering stupidity’ for years to come. Judge Simon Batiste said: ‘Neither you nor the passenger were wearing helmets, instead you were wearing ski masks to hide your identity. ‘I’ve seen the dash cam footage from the car you collided with and it’s clear you were travelling at speed round a bend and lost control. ‘You and your vehicle went under the wheels of the car. Your passenger suffered a leg injury and you suffered a fractured pelvis and bleeding to the brain. ‘It’s quite clear your stupidity that day is going to have a profound effect on you for many years to come.’



Judge Batiste added: ‘The defendant is by far the one who came off the worst. ‘The stupidity of driving a motorcycle he would not be familiar with at speed without a crash helmet is just staggering.’ Newcastle Crown Court heard the motorbike had been stolen on November 26 last year and a week later Rose was riding it on Battleship Wharf. After the crash, he was taken to hospital and interviewed by police at his bedside. Rose admitted knowing the bike was stolen and said he was wearing a ski mask to prevent people from recognising him.



Rose, from Blyth, admitted handling stolen goods, careless driving, having no licence and having no insurance. He was sentenced to community order with a three-month curfew between 7pm and 7am. Kate Barnes, mitigating, said: ‘The defendant continues to have ongoing issues as a result of his foolish actions. ‘He lives in supported accommodation. As a result of what happened he requires significant assistance.’



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