Heroic Diver Risks His Life To Save Shark From Strangling On Fishing Net

A diving instructor noticed something unusual while swimming in the waters of Byron Bay, Australia: a grey nurse shark with a piece of netting caught in its mouth.

A scuba diving instructor in Australia was filmed rescuing a shark that had a large piece of netting caught in its mouth.

The video shows diving instructor Inaki Aizpun assisting the gray nurse shark he found with its mouth stuck in a net near Julian Rocks in Byron Bay, New South Wales.

Shark Has Net Stuck On Face

The footage shows Aizpun chasing after the shark until he is able to grab hold of the net and wrest it free from the predator’s jaws.

Aizpun said the shark likely would have died if the net had not been removed.

Diver Succesfuly Save Shark

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