This Dude Plays Guitar With His Feet Because He Hasn’t Got Any Arms

You’ve got to be fairly skilled to be able to play an instrument. But you must have secret inhuman powers to be able to play one with no arms.

This lad has been musical for most of his life despite having no arms. He even managed to teach himself to play with his feet. He plays it better than some musicians do with their hands, to be honest.

An armless rockstar travels the world shredding solos on a six-string and playing tunes on a bass guitar – using only his feet. Music-lover Mark Goffeney, from San Diego, California, was born without arms but was determined to fashion himself a career in his dream industry.

Amazing Guitarist Rocks Out With His Feet

Teaching himself the basics, the 46-year-old kick-started his life as a musician on the streets – performing for and entertaining both locals and tourists.

He has now gone from street to stage and plays in a successful rock band. While his solo performances have taken him across Europe and Asia.

He Taught Himself At A Young Age

What’s your excuse?

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