Scuba Diver Filmed Riding On The Back Of An Endangered Whale Shark

A group of scuba divers sparked outrage after they filmed themselves riding an endangered whale shark. The men were diving in Cenderawasih Bay, Indonesia, earlier this month when one of them mounted the shark.

Shocking footage shows one of the divers lying on the shark’s back and grabbing the sides of its head before signaling ‘ok’ to the camera.

Scuba Diver Rides On Whale Shark

Two others are seen holding onto the shark’s sides. Neighbors of a homeless family of 11 say they are ‘glad to see the back of them’ The video led to environmentalists to complain and resulted in an investigation being launched. The authorities identified the group involved, including the man seen riding the shark, who was identified as a local businessman and was arrested.

Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti said: ‘It has been handled, and the perpetrator has been arrested.’

Authorities Have Arrested The Diver

And no wonder animals hate us.

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