Sacramento Police Vehicle Crashes Into 16-year-old Fleeing From Bicycle Violation

A teenager who was stopped by Sacramento police for not having a light on his bicycle ended up being hit by a cop car going 27 mph in a dramatic video released by the department Friday.

The collision happened on July 22 when the 16-year-old was pulled over by an officer while riding his bike because he did not have a light on it. It happened at about 10 p.m. in the city’s Del Paso Heights neighborhood in northeast Sacramento.

The video showed the officer engaging in conversation with the teen before he takes off running. The officer who was speaking to the cyclist chased him on foot, according to police, while a second police SUV was called to assist in the pursuit.

Teen Stopped For Bike VIolation

The officer driving the SUV was seen turning left suddenly — as the teen is running down the sidewalk — and slamming into him at 27 mph, according to the preliminary information on the dash cam released by the Sacramento Police Department. The video showed the teen being tossed into the air by the impact.

The police officer immediately exited the vehicle and handcuffed the teenager, who can be heard swearing and then shouting repeatedly, “I’m sorry.”

Police Run Over Fleeing Teen

The suspect suffered only minor injuries in the collision.

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