CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Incredible Moment Batman Gets Pulled Over by Police

This must have made Batman late for his bat signal. On Sunday, August 19, 2018, Brampton Reddit user @socks_mcgee posted a video of Brampton Batman (a Brampton man who dresses as Batman) getting pulled over by Ontario Provincial Police.

The video shows an officer walking up to Brampton Batman ā€“ who hops out of his Batmobile ā€“ and having a brief conversation. It seems even police officers are starstruck when the man known as the Brampton Batman cruises down the road in his Batmobile.

Batman Gets Pulled Over

The photo opportunity came about while Stephen Lawrence (AKA Batman), who has been dressing in a Batman outfit for years because he feels a personal connection with the comic book hero, was driving home from Parry Sound, Ont.

Pulled Over For Photo Op

Iā€™m more amazed the BMW used its turn signals.

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