‘Superhero’ Police Officer Shows Off Astonishing Usain Bolt-style Speed As He Chases And Tackles Fleeing Suspect

A ‘superhero’ police officer showed off his Usain Bolt-style speed as he chased and brought down a fleeing suspect. In astonishing video footage, the cop can be seen closing a 30-meter gap in seconds to rugby-tackle the man to the ground.

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His incredible speed has taken the Internet by storm – with thousands of Twitter users in awe at the ‘super cop’s’ speed. The video clip is actually from a televised police chase that took place in Jeffersontown in Kentucky, US, in 2014.

The ‘superhero’ policeman has stunned Twitter users with his speed

Police Chases Down Suspect

The suspect, Erik Atwell, 45, of Louisville, allegedly stole a truck cab from a nearby farm in 2014. He was accused of leading law enforcement on a one-hour chase on the I-64 before trying to escape on foot and being tackled by the cop. Police said at the time that Atwell tried to hit a Louisville officer and a Jeffersontown patrol car. He was arrested and taken into custody.

Some even wondered if the officer was a 100m runner in his spare time, while others suggested he change his career for the NFL.

Usain Bolt Cop

It is unclear whether Atwell was charged over the incident.

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