Racing Car Smashes Into Pit Lane At High Speed With Crew Members Thrown Into The Air

These shocking scenes were captured at the Brazilian Stock Light Championship as a racing driver crashes into a group of mechanics sending them flying in the air.

In the video, drivers can be seen pulling into the pits as mechanics work on the cars. Erik Mayrink then pulls in and is serviced worked on by the pit crew – but as he tries to rejoin the race disaster strikes.

Mayrink’s car collides with another vehicle and is sent careering back towards the mechanics, crashing into three of the workers before accelerating into a fourth who is sent flying high into the air by the collision

Car Smashes Into Pit Crew

The mechanics lie on the ground and one can be seen motionless next to Mayrink’s stationary car as onlookers rush to help.

Pit Crew Lay Motionless

Local media report that three of the mechanics were rushed to the Santa Casa de Campo Grande hospital.

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