That Has To HURT! — Guy Shatters His Pelvis After Skydive Goes Horribly Wrong

A dramatic video has emerged of a man’s violent crash landing after skydiving near Lebanon, ME, US.

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The footage, shot earlier this month with a helmet mounted camera, shows the skydiver having fun in the air before deploying his parachute – unfortunately not slowing enough before hitting the ground.

The diver commented, “I knew as soon as I started the turn I was in trouble and everything after happened so quick. next thing i know i am on the ground in a lot of pain.”

Skydiving Gone Wrong

He hit the ground and bounced up 4 feet and skipped another 20 feet before touching down again. The man was quickly rushed to the hospital, where X-rays determined he had suffered a broken pelvis in two places, including the entire left side shifting upwards.

Man Hits Ground Hard

You can clearly hear the pain when he landed.

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