Lion Attacks Trainer In Las Vegas Zoo As Lioness Tries To Stop Him

MGM Resorts defended its safety practices Wednesday after amateur video surfaced showing a lion attacking its trainer inside its habitat at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, as horrified visitors to the hotel looked on.

The trainer was treated and released from the hospital after the incident earlier this month, MGM Resorts spokesman Gordon Absher said in a statement Wednesday. The video shows two trainers along with a lion and a lioness inside the habitat – a popular attraction at the hotel that opened more than 13 years ago.

At first, the lions appear relaxed, lying down as the trainers stand nearby. The male lion then shifts his body weight and looks at the trainer nearest to him before the camera turns its focus to the other lion and second trainer.

Lion Attacks Trainer

The lions couldn’t hear the noisy crowd outside the sound-proof enclosure. Moments before the attack they appeared calm. The male lion even yawned, and then started glaring at one of the trainers. Another trainer noticed something might be wrong and approached the lion. Then came the attack.

Gasps are then heard from onlookers and the video reveals the male lion wrestling with the trainer closest to him. With help from the other trainer, the man gets away, even as the lion appears to continue to stalk him. The lioness may have been trying to stop the attack.

Lionness Tries To Stop Him

Women always know how to calm a situation down.

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