Man Chucks 20-pound Weight At Cops During Domestic Violence Dispute

Shocking bodycam video shows Christopher Rogers, a 31-year-old domestic violence suspect, hurling a 22-pound weight and a kitchen knife at police in Ramsgate, UK. Rogers was sentenced to five years in jail.

This genius from England decided it would be a good idea to throw a 22-pound dumbbell at police officers who were responding to a domestic violence complaint at his apartment. The shocking bodycam footage shows the suspect, Christopher Rogers, holding two knives as police officers enter his home… just before he hurls a 22-pound weight at them.

Suspect Throws Dumbell At Police

The man then throws a knife at the cops, which, fortunately, misses them. Riot police then soon arrived to detain the maniac…

The suspect was sentenced to five years in prison.

Riot Police Arrest Suspect

Good riddance.

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