‘Why Don’t You Get Your A** Out The Chair?’: LA Woman Refuses To Give Seat Up For Man On Wheelchair

A profanity-laced shouting match broke out between bus passengers in Los Angeles Wednesday morning after a woman refused to sacrifice her seat for a man in a wheelchair.

Cellphone video captured by a commuter toward the back of a Metro bus in Gardena shows an unidentified older woman sitting in the reserved area while a disabled man who needs her seat waits outside in the heat. A female passenger is heard hollering at the woman who refuses to move repeatedly throughout the video/

The furious passenger tells the lady: ‘You’re out of line,’ and the woman who refuses to move replies: ‘I don’t care!’ The passenger then claps back: ‘I know you don’t!’

Still, the stubborn woman shakes her head and refuses to relocate.

Woman Refuses To Give Seat To Wheelchair Man

The female passenger is heard shouting at the lady again: ‘Why don’t you get your a** out the chair? You know you wrong. Somebody needs to snatch your a**.’

The woman rants on: ‘That’s why I need to pop your a** out your head… you outta line.’

Other Passengers Enraged At Woman

Other commuters even offer to give up their seats for the woman in attempts to make peace and provide room for the disabled man, who still stuck out in the heat during the dispute.

About 10 minutes pass and the bus still stays parked before passengers become even more enraged.

Woman Does Not Want To Budge

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