Gangster KOs fellow accomplice with a brick in attempted robbery

This hilarious footage shows the moment a bungling burglar was knocked out by one of his own accomplices with a brick as they tried to break into a property in London. The clip shows the three men enter the enclosed area on a motorbike just before midnight on August 8.



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While one stays on the bike, the other two- one wearing a bike helmet and the other wearing a beanie- swiftly jump off the motorbike. The first man wearing the hat starts smashing his brick against the window of the commercial property in London. But his dimwitted accomplice launches his brick while his friend is still at the window, so it hits him in the head.



He quickly raises his hands to his helmet in despair as his fellow crook collapses to the floor and lays prone in pain. He then appears to lose consciousness as his bungling buddy desperately tries to get him up off the floor. As he is trying to pull him up a security guard notices the dopey trio and races after the man who KO’d his friend with a brick. He attempts to leap onto the back of his friend’s motorbike but misses and is chased by the guard.



All while his friend continues to lay on the floor seemingly knocked out cold. The security guard comes back empty handed and is seen on the radio. He checks on the man laying on the floor and begins rolling him into the recovery position. The man appears to start moving again, and when he wakes up, will surely regret his choice of accomplices.



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