Boy Pees As Mum Receives Romantic Marriage Proposal

If you’re going to ask for someone’s hand in marriage, you’ll want your proposal to play out perfectly. You’ll no doubt plan out every possible detail and angle of it – but you can’t possibly be prepared for a situation like this one.



Kevin Przytula decided that it was finally time to pop the question to his partner, Allyssa Anter, on an eventual Saturday in Bay City, Michigan. We say ‘eventful’ because not only was the 27-year-old buzzing at the request and said yes (congrats!), but her son Owen decided it was time to steal the moment in the best possible way.




The three-year-old made the executive decision to drop his pants and take a whiz as 33-year-old Kev was down on one knee to his would-be fiancée. Talk about pissing all over the moment, Owen.




Owen might have had his moment here, but there’s no doubt that his mum and dad are going to have the last laugh. If you’re going to upstage them in a big moment like this, you’d better be ready for the video to resurface on your 18th birthday party or during graduation day.

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