Moment truck pushes car on Texas highway for a mile

This is the dramatic moment a truck pushed a car for a mile’ along a major highway with passengers trapped inside. Footage, which was posted on Facebook, shows an 18-wheeler truck driving along the Interstate 35, in Texas, with a black Mercedes at it’s front.





Screeching can be heard as the car’s tyres are dragged along the tarmac after it is turned to its side and unable to drive away. Clouds of dust can be seen billowing from the freak accident as both drivers appear unable to move without causing a dangerous crash with other motorists. Adrian Lopez uploaded three videos to Facebook which shows the truck pushing the car in the freak accident.



The series of videos shows the large 18-wheeler truck pushing the car from different angles, as other motorists try to weave pass the accident. Mr Lopez posted: ‘It happened in the blink of an eye. I think the Mercedes cut him off. ‘That part of the highway curves so I think if he stopped people would’ve went flying into the back of his truck and create a pile up.’



Hundreds of shocked viewers were quick to speculate over what happened. One user said: ‘Sounds like the brakes went out. That happened in my dads 18 wheeler.’ Another user wrote: ‘The compensation he’s gonna get. He’s gonna buy two more Mercedes.’



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