Whoa: Chinese Bus Driver Somehow Manages To Continue Driving After Being Hit By Flying Boulder Twice!

A heroic driver stopped a coach safely after being hit twice by a falling rock while driving down a motorway in China.



Security camera footage, shot in Zhaotong City in southwestern Yunnan Province on August 16, shows a large rock smash through the front windscreen and strike driver Zhao Shuang twice.




Fearing further rockfalls, Zhao manages to bear the pain and steers his 14 passengers to the safety of a service area.

Zhao was treated in hospital for injuries to his ribs, lungs and scalp, according to local media. He was said to be making a good recovery.




What a legend! He deserves to be hailed as the world’s strongest man.

To anyone not living life to the fullest, just remember how quickly you can lose life. So yeah, just do what makes you happy.

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