Boy literallycheats death by narrowly avoiding falling debris

A boy has narrowed escaped death after large chunks of concrete fell from heights and smashed to the ground just inches away from him. It is reported that the concrete had collapsed from the side of a high-rise residential building. The boy was trying to leave the building before he saw the debris came crashing down on him on Sunday in a Chinese city.



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A video, shared by Shanghai-based, shows that the child hesitated a little before deciding to run out of the building. The concrete slabs landed by his feet as he made the dash for life to the other side. Several residents were seen sitting and relaxing outside the building, but they made a quick escape after seeing that part of the exterior wall was about to fall. The incident took place in the Xiyinmen Estate in Bengbu in east China’s Anhui Province, according to Anhui Net.

Moment boy cheats death


It is said that there are 30 buildings in the estate, and six of them have seen part of its outer walls crumbling and falling off. Residents in the estate have expressed serious concerns of their safety, according to the report. A spokesperson from the management company of the estate told Anhui Net it was likely that the insulation material in the wall was faulty, which caused the wall to bulge and crack.

Moment boy cheats death by narrowly avoiding falling debris


Wu Changfei, the manager of the Bengbu Urban Construction Investment Company, said the residential towers were built five years ago by the government. Mr Wu agreed that the quality of the insulation material was not up to standard. He suspected that the material had failed to sustain the changes of temperature between seasons. The construction company is set to start renovation works on the relevant buildings as soon as possible.



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