Boy With Autism Steals Ambulance, Drags Firefighter And Collides With Motorcycle

A 13-year-old boy with autism and ADHD stole an ambulance and crashed into an unoccupied police car and a motorcyclist in Rhode Island, authorities said Friday.

The unidentified boy was taken by his mother to Coventry Fire Station Number 7 Thursday because he was agitated, according to the Coventry Police. That’s when the boy took off, ran into a garage bay at the station and hopped into the ambulance, authorities said.

Surveillance video shows Firefighter Scott Brown trying to hop on the truck and into the passenger seat before getting thrown to the ground.

Special Needs Child Steals Ambulance

Around the same time, Nicholas Croce, 20, was riding his motorcycle on the road at about 45 mph, police said. A motorcycle rider crashed into an ambulance stolen by a teen with special needs in Coventry, R.I., on Thursday, Aug. 23, 2018. He suffered only minor injuries.Coventry Police Department

When the ambulance crossed Route 117, Croce’s motorcycle collided into it, surveillance video shows.

Ambulance Crashes

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