Nursing Home Staff Throws And Racially Insults Elderly Patient In Shocking Viral Video

Many people choose to send their old parents to nursing homes as they can’t take care of their loved ones properly and carefully. In those nursing homes, customers are taken care of and guaranteed best comfort. Or are they?

Employees in a nursing home in Michigan are accused of abusing an elderly wheelchair-bound man, who was recovering from surgery. A video captured the nurses slapping the patient’s head, violently throwing him on his bed and using racial spur to insult him.

Nurse Phyiscall Abuses Elderly Patient

The 89-year-old father – Hussein Younes was totally mistreated during his stay. The reason why the nurses did do is that they want to kick him out of the nursing home.

At one point, when the patient grunted loudly, the nurse shook his head and cursed at him. ‘I’m sick of your stupid a**. Get you’re a** up in here. F***ing b****,’ she said angrily. The nurse is also seen smacking Younes on the head because he won’t stop grunting and making noises.

Nurse Hurls Racial Slurs At Eldery Patient

According to the family, Younes was denied water and had his ‘call button’ taken away from him so he couldn’t request assistance. The lawsuit also states that the nurses falsely claimed Younes was combative to try and get him kicked out of the nursing home.

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