Woman smashes glass over waitress head in Red Lobster brawl

A family’s Red Lobster meal turned into a violent brawl where a protective mother smashed a glass against a server’s head claiming that the waitress disrespected her disabled son. The shocking fight was caught on video and uploaded on Saturday where it has gone viral with more than 66,000 views.





The video displays a female server charging towards a female diner saying: ‘You want to throw s*** at me you b****?’ The customer puts her hands up to protect her face and eggs on the angry waitress on yelling ‘Come on, come on’. When the server grabs her arms, the diner smashes a glass cup against the server’s head.



The glass shatters with an audible clatter as other patrons at the restaurant shout in shock. Someone is overheard screaming ‘What the hell!?’ Another waitress then arrives and holds back the angry female server who suffered the blow to the head and she calmly walks towards the kitchen. The angry customer then re-emerges saying: ‘Disrespecting my disabled child!’



When the waitress defends herself saying ‘No I didn’t’ the distressed mother charges towards her shouting ‘Yes you did. Yes you did’, her voice cracking. At the end the mother beckons her son out of the restaurant saying: ‘Come on, Aaron’. Still the server does not relent in the argument and curtly shouts ‘Yep, that’s right’ as the mother and son leave the restaurant. It’s not clear at what location the Red Lobster fight took place.



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