Mermaid-like Creature Spotted ‘Chasing’ After A Boat Load Of Tourists On A River Puerto Rico

Tourists in Puerto Rico were left stunned after apparently spotting a “human-like” creature following their boat in a video of their holiday. The clip was shot by Morales Deby who was enjoying a punt down the Isabela River in Puerto Rico with her friends.

In the footage, the group can be seen speeding down the murky waters, first focusing on the scene in front of them before taking a shot of the waters behind. The group travels through a tunnel at high speed before slowing down to take in the surroundings.

Mermaid Chases Tourists

Things seem normal at first, but moments later something unexpected appears to move under the water.

The footage has since been shared widely online – with some even speculating that the figure could be a mermaid.

Mermaid Creature Chases Tourists In Puerto Rico

Either they’re towing a dead body or there is something that looks humanoid in the water that is chasing them.

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